LinkedBrainz - MusicBrainz in RDF and SPARQL

Welcome to the new home of LinkedBrainz - a continuing project to expose the MusicBrainz dataset in RDF using the Music Ontology.

LinkedBrainz was originally funded by JISC, under the supervision of Dr. Simon Dixon at Queen Mary, continued in the EU-funded EUCLID Project, and is now maintained at the British Museum, alongside its own Linked Data services, by Dr. Barry Norton.

During the JISC project existing D2RQ mappings for MusicBrainz were adapted to the MusicBrainz NGS (next generation schema).

As part of the EUCLID project these D2RQ mappings were converted to the new R2RML standard from the W3C; these mappings are available from the LinkedBrainz GitHub project.

Courtesy of the ResearchSpace project these mappings are maintained and regularly run against the MusicBrainz database.

The output is available is the form of RDF/NTriples dumps and a public SPARQL endpoint. Some examples queries are provided here.



The ResearchSpace project is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and hosted at the British Museum.

The R2RML mappings are effected using Capsenta's Ultrawrap tool.

The SPARQL endpoint is provided using OpenLink's Virtuoso Open Source Edition database.